HarryEvery year there are multiple publications about what is going to be hot in the coming 12 months. What is trending and what isn’t.

Thankfully the natural wine craze is starting to die. It’s never something that we chose to indulge at M. It is my belief that organics and biodynamics are as far as the winemaker needs to go. Natural wine and the ethos of minimal intervention for me is redundant, seeing as the whole point of making wine is for humans to take a piece of nature, manipulate and craft it to make something delicious. Where is the skill in leaving grapes to their own ends?

As the UK wine market matures, hopefully we will find people looking for more terrior specific wines, instead of chasing tipples that mask their sense of place in the name of a natural approach i.e. poor winemaking.

Speaking of a maturing market, there has been a big movement this year towards wines by the glass. This is something that M Wine Store and Restaurant have indulged in. We have a fine selection of half bottles for you to choose from, however it is our ability to deliver over 60 wines by the glass – and that doesn’t even include our Coravin tasters – that sets us apart.

M Wine Store - By The Glass

The growing awareness of wine dispenser technology is making the Wine Store more sought after than ever. There are 40 wines to sample via our WineEmotion machines upstairs in the Mezzanine space above the shop, plenty of vinous literature and tasting glasses for you to experiment with.

The current generation of wine drinkers have more access to wine information than ever before. With that newfound knowledge comes curiosity, and adventure. This is an appetite we endeavor to feed at M. Monday to Friday between 5-6pm feel free to come into the shop for a complimentary tasting.

The Coravin system has also enabled us to showcase more exclusive wines by the glass/tasting measure. Further feeding curiosity and making luxury, accessible and affordable.

Its not always about what’s in the glass

Zalto SweetwineThere are naturally two halves to drinking a glass of wine. In one hand you have the wine. In the same hand you have the glass the wine comes in. So much has been written about different types of glassware, different shaped glasses for different varietals, coupé or flute for Champagne, white wine glass or red wine glass for Chardonnay. For me this was something that had to be tested, first hand.

Enter, Zalto…They certainly have the look. Beautifully hand cut crystal vessels from Austria. We have the whole range in store. They are so light that picking up a regular wine glass after holding a Zalto makes the former feel heavy, almost clumsy. What impresses me is the robust-ness of each glass, considering its lightweight nature and ultra thin base, stem and cup. I have seen Martin throw one of these on to a table, it just bounces right back.

Aesthetics and durability aside, these glasses really do make wine taste delicious. The shape of the glass channels aroma in a way no other glass can. Simply put, I like the way wine tastes out of a Zalto.

Click here to see the range of Zalto glassware available from the M Wine Store Website


Usually my monthly blogs finish with a flurry of wine reviews of what’s drinking well. This month we are giving our guests the opportunity to take full advantage of wines by the glass. Enjoy a 10% discount all of September on all WineEmotion tasting cards. Do not hesitate to ask myself or Zack in store for recommendations as you have the choice to sample up to 40 wines from the Mezzanine in store.

Thanks for reading,

Happy Drinking

Harry Crowther
M Wine Store Manager