Tempranillo is most famous as the main grape in Rioja, Spain. Its deep, juicy flavours, complemented by the vanilla, coconut and spicy flavours from oak ageing make this a favourite wine for many wine drinkers. It is great value for money, as even some of the older examples are very affordable and high quality. It is now grown all over Spain, with Ribera del Duero, producing slightly more expensive, premium examples of the Tempranillo.

  Cool Climate Moderate Climate Warm Climate
Distinctive Flavours N/A Cherry, Strawberry, Tomato Leaf, Vanilla, Coconut, Dill Cherry Jam, Raspberry Jam, Tomato Juice, Sweet Coconut, Vanilla
Acidity N/A Medium Medium
Alcohol N/A Medium+ High
Body N/A Medium+ Full
Tannin N/A Medium+ Medium+
Sugar N/A Dry Dry

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