Tailored case – to your door!

The problem with most Case Clubs is that they are generic and designed to help clear stock from shops instead of wines being tailored to you, your palate and especially your timing.  We decided to change that perception here at M. Send us YOUR preferences and Lenart and Ernesto will tailor a case of wine for you at a rate you can actually drink it in.

We believe that there can’t be one budget for all, so we give you the freedom to choose what you spend. Give us your maximum spend and we will work within that, to give you a great selection. The minimum budget is £75. We will create a selection from the wines we have on offer at a 15% discounted value, so you get even more for your money.

We offer all our tailored cases with FREE SHIPPING for all UK addresses.

Fill out the form below, be as specific as you wish with your preferences. We will email you with the selection we prepare for you at which point you will be able to confirm it before shipping.

My tailored case

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