Volzhenka Siberian Sturgeon V15 Caviar 125g + Cava Masia d’Or

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Beautifully aromatic Caviar from this family owned estate. Medium sized roe with an incredibly aromatic character. Almost like a fresh mineral aftertaste reminiscent of Sancerre. That would actually be an incredible pairing!

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This sturgeon can reach up to 3 metres long and weighs several hundred kilos. Our experts take meticulous care of the Siberian sturgeon in order to obtain caviar of the highest quality. The medium-sized grain of 2.5 to 2.9mm is smooth and prosperous in Omega 3 whilst the colour varies from dark grey to light brown. It has rich, aromatic and medium-lasting aftertaste.


Special offer: Get a bottle of fantastic Cava to pair with the caviar.

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