The Malbec Trilogy


The perfect gift for the Malbec lover. Try our range of Premium Argentinian Malbecs from the beautiful vineyard in Lunlunta, Mendoza; the home of Argentinian Malbec.

1x Vina Patricia 2014 – The winemaker who produced Vina Patricia is considered one of Argentina’s cult wine makers, specialising in Malbec from Mendoza. The grapes used to make Vina Patricia come from extremely old, fully certified organic vines (rare for vines of this age), meaning the quality and concentration of these grapes are optimum.

1x D’Oro 2015 -During exceptional vintages – arguably Argentina’s most reputable wine maker – Roberto De La Motta is drafted in to make Vina Patricia D’Oro (gold edition) – a hybrid, concentrated, super premium version of the black label.

1x Loro 2011 – This very special wine is created in collaboration with legendary Argentine wine maker – Roberto de la Mota – exclusively for Gaucho. Aged in the finest French oak barrels.

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Engrave your bottle. There is no limit on letter count for engraving, but please note, some bottles are limited with engraving space due to large labels. We manually check every order, and will let you know immediately in case an issue arises.

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