Argentina Favourites

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Sometimes overlooked, Argentina produces what are indisputably some of the highest quality wines in the world. It is most famous for its prized Malbec grape but is also known for its acclaimed indigenous variety, Torrontés.

Several regions make up Argentina’s wine growing areas, spanning an incredible 2,500 km. Salta, in the north, is home to the highest vineyards in the world; Mendoza, in the centre, is the world’s largest wine producing region; Patagonia, in the south, is home to the most southerly vineyards in the world.

Argentina was awarded fifty Gold Medals at the latest Decanter wine awards, a new record. Fast rising to the top, Argentina looks to have a bright future. The following are some of its finest wines.

The Selection

Alpasion, Gran Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina
Catena Alta, Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina, 750ml
Terrazas de los Andes, Torrontes, Mendoza
Zuccardi, Poligonons, San Pablo, Mendoza, Argentina
Salentein, Numina, Cabernet Franc, Mendoza