Around the World in 5 Steaks | An Introduction to the finest meat in the World


Around The World In 5 Steaks menu including a glass of Champagne, Wagyu starter,
500g International Steak Board with 1 side and 1 sauce and Snickers dessert, £69pp



Our meat is sourced from six different countries from around the world, chosen for their high quality and ethics. Our ‘Around The World In 5 Steak’s has been designed for you to taste the best cuts from the menu in one mighty 500g meat board. You will be introduced to the USDA Prime Fillet, Argentinian Rump, French Hanger, Botswana Rib-Eye and finally the Blackmore Wagyu Skirt. With a wagyu beef starter and our most popular snickers dessert thrown in, this is a feast of epic proportions! Once purchased, please email the reservations team to book at a date and time of your choice.



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