Malbec used to cover most of Europe’s vineyards, until a disease called phyloxera wiped out the majority of them. When they replanted the vineyards, Malbec lost it’s premium spot and now only about 1% of the vineyards in Europe contain this grape variety. It is very different across the pond however, where it became the main contender in the up and coming wine country, Argentina. Now produced in a variety of styles, from entry-level to super-premium, there is a Malbec for everyone.

  Cool Climate Moderate Climate Warm Climate
Distinctive Flavours Herbaceous, Black cherries, Earthy Black cherries, earthy, Cinnamon, Vanilla Black cherries, Black currant, Cinnamon Vanilla
Acidity Medium+ Medium Medium
Alcohol Medium Medium+ High
Body Medium Medium+ Full
Tannin Medium Medium+ Medium+
Sugar Dry Dry Dry

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