Our Level 2 school takes a more in-depth look at wine. A 6-hour course will get into the specifics of the most important grape varieties and see how they differ stylistically from region to region. We will also touch on the basics and the why’s of decanting, aerating, storage and service of wines.


Course syllabus:

  • Review of basics
  • Top 20 grape varieties
  • Major winemaking appellations
  • Comparison of wine styles
  • Decanting, aerating, storage


 £99.00 per person
  • 5-hour wine school (12 noon – 5pm)
  • Lunch
  • 50% discount on our prepaid Tasting cards*
  • 50% discount on your first Case Club order*
  • 20% discount on all wines in the store*
  • 30% discount on all tasted wines*
  • £20 off Coupon for your next online purchase

*for orders on the day

Dates Available:

Saturday, 24th of February
Saturday, 31st of March
Saturday, 21st of April
May – TBC – Taking enquiries
June – TBC – Taking enquiries


How long does the course last?
The course will take approx. 6 hours, depending on the level of detail we get into.

Is there a dress-code?
Not at all, this is a very casual and fun wine school, come right after work or after the gym.

Can I bring a friend?
We want to keep this intimate and focused, that’s why we have a limit on only 10 students per course. If you wanted to bring a friend, we strongly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Will there be any snacks?
We will organise I light lunch for all attendees, all included within your course.

Will there be a test at the end?
We do try to keep this as casual as possible, so we will not be testing you at the end. We will however provide you with documentation, so you can always return to it and see how much you remembered.

I only drink white wine, while I have to drink red?
One of our main goals is to give you the confidence to try things you’ve never tried before. While we won’t force you into anything, we will serve a selection of all wines.

Something came up at the last minute, is there a cancellation fee?
We all live in a busy world, so of course we understand unexpected things happen. We do kindly ask you to give us a heads up if you will not be able to make it, as we always have people on a waiting list, that can take your spot at the last minute. We will not charge you any cancellation fees.

I already know a lot about wine, can I join straight for Level 2?
Of course. The levels are only there to showcase the level of detail that we will go into. We would however recommend Level 2 only to people that are very comfortable with a wider range of wines.