Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is most commonly used as a blending component in Bordeaux, where it adds herbaceous notes to the blend. You can also find it as a varietal wine in Loire Valley and lately Argentina. Cabernet Franc has a distinctive bell pepper aroma that comes from the under ripeness the grape is famous for. Due to the diurnal range (day and night temperature
difference), Argentina actually manages to ripen the grape fully, creating more than just a plain blending component, but a serious future competitor to Malbec.

  Cool Climate Moderate Climate Warm Climate
Distinctive Flavours Green bell pepper, Black cherry, plum, earthy Green bell pepper, Blueberry, Plum, Sweet spice, earthy Red Pepper, Blueberries, Plum Jam, Sweet Spice, earthy
Acidity Medium + Medium+ Medium+
Alcohol Medium Medium Medium+
Body Medium Medium+ Full
Tannin Medium Medium Medium+
Sugar Dry Dry Dry

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