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  • M Wine Store Open & Delivering

    Our wine store is now reopen and taking orders during the current Covid – 19 crisis. Please browse our online store or email winestore@mrestaurants.co.uk if you have a specific enquiry. We are also able to custom create any case, package or recommendation for you.

M Wine Store UK & London Wine Delivery Service

M Wine Store has now reopened and taking orders for wine delivery in the UK during the current Covid – 19 crisis.

Customers will be able to buy some of the world’s best wines. Find wines like Willy Opitz Pinot Noir from Austria, Shubert Dolce from New Zealand and other great wines from USA, Argentina, France, South Africa, Australia and Italy.

We bring you access to these unique, diverse wines, including whites, reds, rosé, Champagne, and spirits. These selections are either exclusive to M, or only available to purchase through fine wine merchants. Wherever you are in London or the rest of the UK, explore our collection and order from our wine delivery service now, straight to your door.

Nice and helpful staff together with a broad selection of white/red wines and champagne.
Alexandre Schirtzinger
17:32 09 Oct 17
Amazing choice of wines- beautiful tasting room- great service from very knowledgeable staff
Harry Crowther
12:05 27 Apr 17
I've become a Fan of M - This wine store is genuinely unique - amazing wine selection.
jeremy matthews
09:33 25 Mar 17
I have been trying to find Krauthaker Pino Sivi outside of Croatia for years and finally found this very special wine at the M Wine store! Harry and his team could not have been more helpful, ensuring that I received my order by 09:00 the following morning, for onward delivery to a party in Wales. The wine was as fabulous as we remembered it during our sunny holidays on the Island of Rab and all our friends agreed that they had experienced something 'special' in terms of a new wine. Please keep stocking this fabulous crisp but creamy white that brings a sophisticated ray of summer sunshine to a dreary January day!read more
Lara Bryan
13:54 16 Jan 17
Great little space with wine dispensing machines.
Ezra Feilden
17:28 15 Aug 17
Needed to order 83+ bottles of wine for Christmas. Exceptional range of wines available, ordering process was so seamless that I placed my order at noon and ALL bottles were delivered same day. Simply amazing customer experience compared to top mayfair stores that I have used previously. Strongly recommend ordering with M Wine store!!!read more
Carrie Goode
11:58 20 Dec 17
Fantastic food, brilliant staff. A really enjoyable visit, we will certainly return
Denise Burke
18:37 01 Apr 18
Went online to order some quality wines for gifting and both the quality of the wines on offer and the prices were really good. I used the fast delivery service (within 2 hours and cost £5 I think) and the wines were with me before dinner - so an amazing ability to solve ‘wine emergencies’ - especially recommend the M Collection Malbec 2016 - ready to drink from the first glass but a substantial and round body. There were also a couple of really good sale wines that I added to my basket as an experiment. A really good online shopping experience - Ill def use them again.read more
mike mayos
11:20 01 Jun 18
Amazing collection of wines ! The enomatic machine is just perfect !
Alessio Torella
09:37 13 May 19
I found what I was looking for, a special Malbec. Great collection !
Alex Bizantin
09:41 13 May 19
Amazing French and Italian wines !
Thomas Platel
12:11 14 May 19
Had a private wine tasting with Lenart which was fantastic. He was so knowledgeable about wine but made our tasting session lots of fun as well as educational. They have some excellent wines on offer. You can also get very small glasses for £2 so you can try some expensive wine without having to buy the whole bottle.Don’t be fooled by how small the shop looks from the outside, there is a massive area downstairs.read more
Danielle Smith
08:54 15 Jun 19
Really helpful and patient
Cristian-Teodor Tudor
14:21 20 Dec 19
I had a voucher for wine tasting and food which was very good value for money.The wine tasting area was small with only one large table. Bar food was also very limited.The selection of wine was very limited and would be nice to have a few more to select from. But I was told the wines get rotate around every so often so maybe I will try again in a few months time.read more
Yin-Nore Poon
15:38 22 Nov 18
I visited Victoria branch last Saturday with a Time Out Voucher to try the place out. Unfortunately, it was not a great experience. The head host was extremely unpleasant. He asked us to go upstairs to the wine tasting section, did not even escort us there. We wanted to order some food and I had to go downstairs to ask for the Menu twice as firstly no one came upstairs to see how we are or offer us anything. On top of all that some of the white wines in the machine were simply terrible. I was using the voucher to see if this venue is worth visiting and was hugely disappointed. Definitely won't be visiting it again and would not recommend it!Vagabond just round the corner is a much more friendly and accommodating place.read more
Anna Kaminska
19:21 16 Apr 18
Un-polite staff, poor food and overpriced. I had a voucher with friends for the wine tasting which came with money off for food. The tasting area is small and hot, and the selection was just okay. The staff seem to act like it's a chore to replace the wines, or answer your questions. We then had dinner downstairs. The steak itself was delicious, but the accompaniments and sauces are awful! No flavour and poor choices. Only after receiving our steaks were we told we couldn't have the sides we wanted.read more
Karis McMahon
14:27 10 Jun 18


...and mwinestore.co.uk

M Wine Store London

Situated on the ground floor of the new M, VICTORIA STREET site, we sell over 300 restaurant quality wines specialising in offerings from the six countries M sources its renowned meat and steaks from — USA, Argentina, France, Italy, South Africa and Australia.

At M WINE STORE, customers will be able to taste and buy some of the world’s best wines, including exclusive Petrus and Screeming Eagle vintages, both by the bottle or by the glass from the very latest electronic wine-tasting machines and Coravin devices.

Wine Selection

Over 111 bottles are available to enjoy in tasting measures of 25ml, 75ml, or by the glass. The store has quickly become a must-visit venue for wine connoisseurs and novices alike, with a small-plate tapas menu featuring ‘Red, Rose and White’ dishes designed to perfectly complement its wines.

The store will also host monthly ‘Meet the wine Maker dinners and a ‘Time for Wine’ Tasting Hour between 5-6pm. M’s aim is to make wines currently perceived as pretentious or intimidating; accessible to everyone.

Customers visiting and buying from MWINESTORE.CO.UK will have the option to have their order hand-delivered to them by a talented sommelier. Equipped with a decanter, tasting notes and degustation glasses, the sommelier can provide everything from informal tastings for friends to an engaging corporate event.

Express Delivery Service

For those who live or work in central London (zones one & two) and want wine in a hurry can take advantage of the store’s £15 express delivery service that means their wines will be delivered to them within 3 hours from ordering.

Zack Charilaou, Director of Wine at M Restaurants, comments: “Selecting the world’s best wines for M WINE STORE has been an amazing project 10 years in the making. I am very excited that we will be the first wine store to offer ‘restaurant wines’ for people to enjoy at home. My ambition was to make the very best quality wines accessible  to everyone and champion fantastic wines from independent winemakers to the big wine making families.”

Best UK Sommelier

Zack Charilaou is 26 years of age and recently won ‘Best UK Sommelier/ FOH’ at the 2015 Harpers Awards

Martin Williams, CEO and Founder of M and M Wine Store in London comments: “Zack heads up a new breed of talented sommeliers in London who have outstanding passion and knowledge, but zero pretention! Both he and the wine selection at M Wine Store are bringing the likes of Petrus to the People!”